Smart Boards: Toronto

Smart Boards: Toronto

Many Toronto businesses are discovering the advantages of SMART Board technology. Once, interactive white boards were limited by their "one-to-many” capability. This generation of interactive boards allows one presenter to share his or her screen and voice with a group of people in various locales. Useful in some situations, such as traditional training sessions where one person can share his or her knowledge with a group, this type of IWB is common throughout the educational system.
However, current technologies have an emphasis on "many-to-many” capability, which allows every member of the team to be a full participant in the event, hearing and seeing files and applications, sharing and annotating documents or other files in real time. Employees, clients, board members, or suppliers can connect via another smart board, a PC, or an iPad. Notes from the meeting can be emailed or printed for participants or shared with supervisors and other interested parties. These capabilities make many-to-many SMART boards useful in almost every situation imaginable.

An Integrated Communications Strategy

Using SMART Board technology can be extremely effective, particularly when IWBs are just one component of an integrated communications and collaboration strategy. If your company is thinking of moving toward a holistic communications plan, you should partner with a Toronto firm that specializes in collaboration solutions. By integrating telephony, IT, SMART Boards, and videoconferencing, you can ensure that communication is clear, efficient, and effective. This will apply to both in-house communication, and as well as to meetings with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
As more and more organizations utilize this technology, remaining unconnected will actually hamper your ability to participate in conversations. And an initial investment now can help your company to realize significant savings almost immediately.

The Advantages of Being Connected

If your company can substitute even a small fraction of its current face-to-face meetings with videoconferencing and SMART board interaction, it stands to save a significant amount of money. Some small companies estimated that the installation of effective communication tools allowed them to save up to 50% on their travel budget the first year! As well, an integrated collaboration system usually involves VoIP, which can net major savings on in-house long distance phone bills.
Here are some other advantages to using smart boards, along with other communication technology:
  • More efficient problem solving SMART Boards help team members see issues more clearly, and speed their ability to come up with creative ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Team building. Because meetings can be held at any time, team members have more frequent interactions, leading to a strengthening of relationships. This increased frequency and trust in one another also leads to the creation of an atmosphere where innovation is fostered.
  • Adding another dimension. By using SMART Board communication instead of telephoning, you are able to communicate more effectively. Since a majority of people are "visual learners,” adding this dimension to any conversation can be very helpful in increasing understanding.
  • New opportunities for Expansion. SMART Boards and videoconferencing have the ability to take your message into places where it has been previously unable to travel.
A firm specializing in collaborative solutions can help you to install technology that's just right for your needs. Be smart – discover what SMART Boards can do for your organization!
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